W I L B E R F O R C E Community College

Only the Best Is Good Enough






Vision, mission and values       




“Wilberforce Community College strive to build a society that is vocationally oriented by using cutting edge technology that will maximize technical competencies to be both self-supportive and globally competitive.”





Mission and strategic goals


ü To secure all students access to relevant and responsive areas of learning and the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

ü To provide world class programmes in partnership with other educational institutional both at home and abroad.

ü To promote public understanding and build confidence and commitment in TVET Colleges and openness is our priority.

ü To maintain a sound culture of teaching and learning.

ü Efficiency and effective service to the community is our ultimate goal.






·         Excellent – Strive for and maintain

·         Empowerment – Provide platform for opportunities, growth and development

·         Accountability – Take responsibility for your performance and activities

·         Reliability – Be committed to your promises and agreement

·         Fairness – Practice equal treatment at all times

·         Integrity – Be honest and maintain high moral and ethical standards