The table below shows the facilities and rent by the Wilberforce Community College

NB: For all rentals a deposit of R2000 is refundable provided there is no damage/environmental damage.

The Capacity of the main hall is 400 people. No additional number of people will be allowed in the hall.

To put out a tent on premises is R1500.

We will require a list of attendees (for accomodation).

For access, attendees will be required to verify their identification (for accomodation).

No additional people will be allowed access in the residences, only those appearing on tyhe list will be accomodated.

proof of payment should be provided 5 days before or earlier 'the event.

for attendees over 500, the Security Services will be involved due to the number exceeding the agreed contract with the College.

Deposit of R2000 is refundable provided there is no damage.

Due to loadshedding, the utilisation of Generator is R800 = 30 Litres per hour.

Water capacity is challengine in Evaton. When water is switched off we are not notified and there are no tankers providing such. As suche, there is no schedule which alerts the College when this happens.